River Falls Grand Opening

River Falls Baby Café celebrated its grand opening Tuesday May 20. The café is part of an international network offering breastfeeding drop-in centers and support groups across the world.
The local group was founded by Karen Gresback, international board certified lactation consultant and registered nurse at River Falls Area.
"Karen had been trying to find some resources because so many moms were going home and there was not sufficient support for breastfeed,” said Julie McGary, nurse manager of the hospital’s Birth Center.
Gresback knew many moms were aware of the widely publicized benefits of breastfeeding – for example increased immunity and lower rates of asthma, obesity, lower respiratory infections and type 2 diabetes – but sometimes that knowledge alone was insufficient once the new mother arrived home.
“Moms can go home overwhelmed and exhausted and emotional,” said Gresback. “The first couple of weeks are such a difficult time. Baby Café is a comfortable place for moms to come and get that support and advice.”
Gresback and two colleagues, also certified lactation consultants, offer assistance free of charge. They assist mothers having difficulty getting their baby to latch, who are not sure whether their babies are getting enough to eat, or are looking for tips before their baby’s arrival on how to get the best start to breastfeeding.
Kensey Schultz, a mom who’s tried the River Falls Baby Café, is sold.
“Breastfeeding takes practice, persistence and patience,” she said. “The Baby Café group has encouraged me to work through my own challenges. I feel fortunate, especially as I know breastfeeding does not work for everyone.